About me

Coding was not something I learnt to do or was chosen out of the options I had, it was something I was comfortable doing. More than comfort there was one quality that moulded to be the person I am today, it was thirst to be better.

An introvert, confined to close circles, brainy, these are some of the words that became my identity during my school and college days. I was good in adapting to a coding language and picked up the technologies fast. I spent most of my leisure exploring the internet and learning whatever I could. I like reading and gaining knowledge from the broad world of internet in my personal space away from the crowd and their noise, but for my music and my beloved machine.

The people I looked upto inspired me in a lot of ways to become the better human I am today. They were the ones who guided me to pursue a career in what I loved doing most, coding!

I didn’t intern during my holidays; neither did I take up any course outside; that’s I completed 3 years of my college. Final year, the necessity to get a job. Again, I had clear idea of the type of role I wanted because it has grown to become my passion. The brand or the strength of the company didn’t matter to me, all that mattered was the opportunity to learn, work with a brilliant team and explore tech. These expectations came handy when I had to choose between two companies and I went with the one where I loved the team and the atmosphere from the first interaction.

I can see my growth from how I write code, to the way my confidence has grown and how I handle my every day tasks. I was petrified, still am, if I have to talk to people or interact with customers. Earlier I made no efforts to do it, but now I push myself into situations which makes me uneasy and try to overcome my fear, though it means I look like death is chewing my life away when I am talking. It’s still commendable growth!

From being an introvert to pushing myself to become the extrovert I have to be, when needed, is how my life has changed. From being a techie with passion to drive to a person who has guiding and leading a team is how I have grown. I am sure there are many out there like me or worse, but all that has to be done is to muster the courage to overcome the fear that’s gnawing you and constantly reach out the goal you are pertaining to achieve. One day you will be inspiring many!