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It is okay for movies to be bad.

Recently, I am seeing a lot of support for the posts that pick scenes from movies that range from 2000 till now, and rant about how sexist the scenes are, how comedies are made out of body shaming and a huge list of rant goes on and on.

I try to not end up ranting but come clean at the end. Plus I wanted to write this and make a note of the opinions I am having on May 2nd 2020. (Yes, this is when the quarantine was going on)

Let’s start with an interesting quote from a legend

“There is no such thing as an appropriate joke, that’s why it’s a joke.”

- Michael Scott, The Office

So, mostly things I talk about in here are from what I have observed, inferred from those happenings and came to a conclusion that is subjectively right to me.

In this past year, the movies in India, fortunately(or unfortunately) got this over passion about making moral films that conveys meaningful patriotism towards the country or standing up against a huge-list-of-discriminations, or maybe pick topics around patriarchy and so on. I am not someone who is actually against this. I support. I love how some lives are touched by these movies and some find solace in seeing a lot of like-minded people like them. It is cool.

What I find uncool about this is, the lovely audience(not all of them) who really really related themselves with these over passionate movies (and some actually don’t but still for the sake of attention tried to relate), started finding faults on the old movies that depicted romance of their own period.

I love this movie Alaipayudhey, which now turns out to be a movie that motivates people to stalk. No it didn’t do that to me. You could think, “Well, Naveen.. if it didn’t do anything to you doesn’t means it didn’t do anything to other audiences”. I agree on that.

But here’s my point. One cannot dictate an artist to use this specific colour, this specific stroke in paint, this specific palette to follow. Art flows from the artist. That profound thought of creativity he gets is from the surrounding itself (most the times). It is so funny if I go to an amazing painter and ask him to do an extra-ordinary art only with a green colour.

Well, we can talk a lot on this. About body-shaming as a humor should be removed is one hot topic. I mean, why? Is it a trend to pull everything into a sensitive topic. What you are asking is, to do a humor with no swear words, no body-shaming, no offensive scenarios, no comedy. Thanks for ordering a blank slate.

This is how I see,

Enjoy the movie that supports special causes, spreads awareness and do good deeds. But, try not to call the other movies that didn’t support your causes as “trash”. You are burning the art and murdering the artists. I don’t want to live a world without artists. Finn.