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To all those under appreciated successful people

Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffett and a list of entrepreneurs are tagged as “successful” because of their lifestyle, consistency, persistence and etcetera etcetera.

I had the same belief. I mean I used to have this same belief when I was in my college days. That’s the formula for success. Boom, I’d be successful one day. Then, when I started to meet a lot of people who had ideas gone wrong, failed startups because of N number of reasons also had the same formula applied. Looking at their level of efforts they put in, it was crazy amount and still ended up with a failed one.

More on that, nobody remembers them for whatever-crazy-think they did because they didn’t reach the stardom like the “usual success people” we term. Honestly, there’s a part of luck and timing is also needed. Like Elon says, hardwork just increases the possibility/chances of luck to happen. That is all.

So, without luck, are these people are just common folks like us? Not at all. Some people ran their startups for 4-5years, helped a family to get their kid to be an Engineer. Some people has this big collection of learning that you can pick up just by a few minutes of talk. And this list also goes on and on.

Here, I’d like to salute those people, who did something because they wanted to and maybe they aren’t successful today, but they aren’t standing as the same person like yesterday. My salutes to them.